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5 places to go ghost hunting in Dorset this Halloween

Bournemouth Echo:

7:00am Friday 31st October 2014

If it’s spooky goings-on you’re after this Halloween, you needn’t travel far.

Meet Dorset's own "batman" on a mission to prove the small creatures aren't as bad as you think

Bournemouth Echo:

11:00am Saturday 25th October 2014

Emma Joseph speaks to Dorset’s very own bat expert Colin Morris about the mysterious creatures

I never set out to be a bee-keeper - they adopted me: Graphic designer on his accidental hobby

Bournemouth Echo:

11:00am Sunday 19th October 2014

Emma Joseph talks to Ivor Kemp about his love for his hobby as a beekeeper

VIDEO: Mark Benton on why he can't wait to get his hook in panto in Bournemouth

Bournemouth Echo:

10:00am Saturday 18th October 2014

Not many people would be comfortable parading around Bournemouth’s busy gardens on a relatively warm day, in full Captain Hook regalia, snarling at a Seven Days photographer.

EXCLUSIVE: Broadchurch 2 producer thanks West Dorset residents for their support during filming

Bournemouth Echo:

10:03am Thursday 16th October 2014

On the last day of filming for Broadchurch 2 last week author Chris Chibnall took time between showers for an exclusive chat over an Eccles cake and tea at The Watch House cafe in West Bay with Bridport News reporter Rene Gerryts

Fluttering back: the small tortoiseshell butterfly now thriving in Dorset after years of decline

Bournemouth Echo:

11:00am Saturday 11th October 2014

One of the UK’s favourite butterflies has fluttered back from the brink of extinction and is now thriving in Dorset.

AUDIO: Cannon and Ball on why 50 years together just isn't long enough

10:00am Saturday 4th October 2014

They’ve been a duo for 50 years, but comedy legends Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball are not ready to part ways just yet, they tell Emma Joseph

40 years of caring: how a Macmillan unit has helped give vital support to cancer patients

Bournemouth Echo:

11:00am Saturday 27th September 2014

It’s Monday morning, and a group of friends are sitting around a table chatting, drinking tea and painting.

Meet the man on a mission to change perceptions of transgender people - and he's starting in Bridport

Bournemouth Echo:

12:00pm Sunday 21st September 2014

Trans Scripts’ writer and producer Paul Lucas tell Joanna Davis how Bridport was the perfect launch pad for a ground-breaking production

10 years of Screen Bites: film and food festival returns to tempt your palate

Bournemouth Echo:

11:00am Sunday 21st September 2014

A festival that appeals to both cineastes and food-lovers may strike some as rather unusual.

Fossil hunters: uncover history and follow in the footsteps of Mary Anning at Lyme Regis

Bournemouth Echo:

11:00am Sunday 14th September 2014

As I wander along Church Cliff Beach with more than 30 eager fossil hunters, my first thought is how easy it is to spot fossils hidden in the rocks along the beach.

Jane McDonald on her love for Dorset, her new album and tour and feeling content with life

Bournemouth Echo: Jane McDonald

10:00am Saturday 13th September 2014

Is there anyone nicer than Jane McDonald? During our interview the down-to-earth Yorkshire lass just exudes warmth. She admits she wants to live in a bubble where ‘everything is lovely’ and has spent years batting off the naysayers and critics.

I'm helping widows in Tanzania have a better life - through knitting

Bournemouth Echo:

11:00am Sunday 7th September 2014

A trip to Tanzania led Dorset woman Celina Comninos to set up a business helping widows and their dependents – and providing beautiful scarves to online shoppers. Emma Joseph reports

Take a rare behind the scenes tour of our best-loved buildings - it's Dorset Heritage Week

Bournemouth Echo:

8:00am Sunday 7th September 2014

It’s that time of year again when we can all embrace our inner snooper and go ferreting about in some of Dorset’s most interesting buildings, says Faith Eckersall. Where will you go?

Entertainer Des O'Connor talks singing, ad-libbing and taking requests from his audience

Bournemouth Echo:

10:00am Saturday 30th August 2014

It takes a special person to cheerfully embrace their role as the butt of one of the nation’s longest-running gags. Especially when that gag was played out to 20 million of us on the TV phenomenon that was the Morecambe & Wise Show.

Meet the widowed pensioner who went on a mission to Africa armed with a book of mince recipes

Bournemouth Echo:

2:00pm Sunday 24th August 2014

When his world as he knew it was turned upside down, David Heap took a huge risk.

A "vital" lifeline: how a service is helping to support families with disabled children

Bournemouth Echo:

10:00am Saturday 23rd August 2014

For families with a disabled child, a group run by charity Diverse Abilities Plus can make the difference between struggling and coping. Emma Joseph reports

Dorset's sweetheart: comedienne Debra Stephenson on her new role as patron of two charities

Bournemouth Echo:

11:00am Saturday 16th August 2014

She’s best known for her skilful impressions and acting but since moving to Dorset Debra Stephenson has found a part to play in two charities, reports Caitlin Marsh

A passion for piers: new book explains our love affair with the seaside attraction

Bournemouth Echo:

8:00am Saturday 16th August 2014

If you’d gone down to the beach at Ryde 200 years ago you would have happened upon a very strange thing: Britain’s first pier.

Chris Packham on photography, nature, and his passion for the New Forest and Dorset

Bournemouth Echo: Chris Packham

2:00pm Sunday 10th August 2014

In the late 1970s, when the rest of the teenage world was out meeting girlfriends in pubs and clubs, wildlife presenter Chris Packham was bent over a microscope looking at badger faeces.

Uncovered: hidden tunnel where the infamous Judge Jeffreys walked more than 400 years ago

Bournemouth Echo:

10:00am Sunday 10th August 2014

How often do we really think about what is underneath our feet?

Capital idea: the London-theme charity shop that's aiming to revitalise the high street

Bournemouth Echo:

10:00am Saturday 9th August 2014

London Underground signs and framed Union Jacks are dotted about, while murals of iconic landmarks from the capital city cover the walls.

Tragedy of the Brackstone brothers - one woman's mission to piece together stories of her great-uncles killed in WW1

Bournemouth Echo:

10:00am Monday 4th August 2014

Startling evidence has emerged of a single Poole family that lost four sons during the First World War.

Radio 2 DJ Jo Whiley talks Dolly Parton, Roald Dahl and Camp Bestival

Bournemouth Echo:

11:00am Saturday 26th July 2014

There’s no mistaking one of the most recognisable voices in broadcasting on the other end of the phone.

'Downing Street catwalk?' Women are always judged on how we look

Bournemouth Echo: Margaret Thatcher

9:00am Saturday 19th July 2014

I KNOW that when you’re a card-carrying feminist you are supposed to go navy blue with rage when tabloid newspapers comment on the clothes, shoes, hairdos and handbags of women marching along to get their new jobs in Downing Street.

It's Midsummer's Day - so look out for the Green Man across Dorset

Bournemouth Echo: The new sign for the Green Man in Wimborne

10:00am Saturday 21st June 2014

TODAY is midsummer’s day, when greenery is in full bloom and according to legend, the spirit of the Green Man presides.

Cheryl Baker talks Bucks Fizz, being happy and her special show on Bournemouth Pier

Bournemouth Echo: Cheryl Baker talks Bucks Fizz, being happy and her special show on Bournemouth Pier

9:00am Saturday 21st June 2014

Cheryl Baker has changed little in the 30-odd years since we, amid tens of millions of others, saw her skirt famously whipped off on The Eurovision Song contest.

10 things you may not know about Dorset's role in the movies

Bournemouth Echo: 10 things you may not know about Dorset's role in the movies

12:00pm Sunday 15th June 2014

Dorset has long had a strong association with film.

The lost village: why I wanted to record lonely beauty of Tyneham on canvas

Bournemouth Echo: The lost village: why I wanted to record lonely beauty of Tyneham on canvas

10:00am Sunday 15th June 2014

I was warned that Billa and Simon Edwards live off the beaten track. And as was the Purbeck lanes narrow, cow parsley slaps the sides of my car and branches tap the roof, I believe it. It’s another world.

Gareth Malone on busking in Bournemouth and why he wishes he could have performed at the Winter Gardens

Bournemouth Echo: Gareth Malone: I wish I could have performed at the Winter Gardens

11:00am Saturday 7th June 2014

Warbling through some chronic self-penned song lamenting his latest heartbreak, the spotty teenage busker by the side of the road with delusions of talent is someone we have all ignored at one time or another.

Ex-Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts enthuses about life as a solo artist ahead of Bournemouth headline performance

Bournemouth Echo: It's showtime for ex-Pussycat Doll singer Ashley

10:32am Friday 30th May 2014

CONSIDERING I was interviewing an ex-Pussycat Doll, I didn’t expect to be competing with a dog.

Brian Conley on catchphrases, returning to Dorset and looking like Bradley Walsh

Bournemouth Echo: Brian Conley on catchphrases, returning to Dorset and looking like Bradley Walsh

2:00pm Saturday 26th April 2014

“I’ve learned to embrace it,” he says with an air of jovial yet unconvincing acceptance.

Classic FM presenter Alex James to celebrate rich classical music history of Bournemouth on radio show

Bournemouth Echo: Alex James’ new programme will broadcast on Classic FM

1:00pm Saturday 29th March 2014

“What’s happening with the Noddy train in Hengistbury Head?”

CBeebies favourite Chris Jarvis on why he loves entertaining in a traditional pantomime

Bournemouth Echo: CBeebies favourite Chris Jarvis on why he loves entertaining in a traditional pantomime

12:00pm Sunday 8th December 2013

There is no official list of what you should include in a pantomime.

Dr Jane Goodall: my Christmas mission to raise funds for sanctuary in the Congo

Bournemouth Echo: The Jane Goodall Institute does not endorse handling or interfering with wild chimpanzees.  The orphan chimpanzees in this photo live at the Institute’s sanctuary

1:00pm Saturday 7th December 2013

“I knew what I witnessed amongst the chimpanzees would startle science. Putting it all together it has changed the way we view animals and ourselves.”

How much does it cost to buy the Twelve Days of Christmas?

Bournemouth Echo: A partridge, just need to buy the pear tree

9:00am Saturday 7th December 2013

On the 12 days of Christmas my true love gave to me... Embracing the spirit of the season, Maria Court went on a quest to re-create that fabulous Christmas hamper in the famous song. But how hard would the items be to source? And more importantly, how much would it all cost?

Jack Dee on spending less time with his family, holidaying in Dorset and why the digital switchover made him cross

Bournemouth Echo: Jack Dee

8:00am Saturday 16th November 2013

Jack Dee has sound reasons for taking his comedic talents back on the road.

Meet the people behind some of Dorset's longest-running firework displays

Bournemouth Echo: Meet the people behind some of Dorset's longest-running firework displays

7:00am Saturday 2nd November 2013

When a little girl was badly injured in a fireworks accident 37 years ago, the Rotary Club of Christchurch decided to take action.

Bournemouth gets ready for first ever South Coast Fashion Week

Bournemouth Echo: Adam Lallana (left) and James Beattie (right)

11:19am Friday 1st November 2013

The first South Coast Fashion Week takes place in Bournemouth next year. Reporter Leeanna Faulkner got a taste of what’s to come, at the pre-launch event

Ghost hunters - we join psychic investigators for a spooky night at Wareham’s 18th century Black Bear pub

Bournemouth Echo: The Black Bear

11:00am Sunday 27th October 2013

The landlady of the Black Bear hotel in Wareham looks me square in the eye and says: “You’ll remember Geoffrey when you see what he does.”

Bob Geldof on the Boomtown Rats revival, Live Aid and being back on the road

Bournemouth Echo: Isle of Wight Festival 2013. Pictures:

8:00am Saturday 19th October 2013

Bob Geldof’s Boomtown Rats are back on the road and playing in Bournemouth this week. Pat Gough finds out what prompted the revival

Bournemouth Arts By the Sea Festival: what you can look forward to this year...

Bournemouth Echo: Joe Rush and his Mutoid Waste company.  Picture: Wreckage International

11:00am Sunday 15th September 2013

Giant mutoids on Bournemouth prom? Must be Arts By the Sea again!

Paul Daniels: I'm not ready to do a disappearing act yet...

Bournemouth Echo: Paul Daniels

11:00am Saturday 14th September 2013

Don’t say it’s true. Magician Paul Daniels is about to embark on his First Farewell Tour that arrives at the Bournemouth Pier Theatre next weekend.

Meet the artist who's painted 101 portraits of Princess Diana

Bournemouth Echo: Meet the artist who's painted 101 portraits of Princess Diana

11:00am Sunday 25th August 2013

She was described as the world’s most photographed person, and adored by millions. Now, a New Forest artist has paid tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, by devoting eight years of her life to painting her – 101 times.

Meet Bournemouth's Mr Angry: why I'm making an effort to complain

Bournemouth Echo: Meet Bournemouth's Mr Angry: why David Craig's making an effort to complain

2:00pm Saturday 24th August 2013

Is writer and blogger David Craig the angriest man in Dorset? Faith Eckersall puts on her tin hat and finds out

Scream queen: how I went from Christchurch schoolgirl to top horror actress

Bournemouth Echo: Scream queen: how I went from Christchurch schoolgirl to top horror actresses

2:00pm Sunday 4th August 2013

Sitting in a bathtub surrounded by rotting meat and intestines is all in a day’s work for Melanie Denholme.

Mark Owen: I only recorded my album so I could go to Camp Bestival!

Bournemouth Echo: Mark Owen: Camp Bestival is the only reason I did my album!

3:00pm Sunday 28th July 2013

Back in the day five lads with toothsome grins, buckets of sex appeal and a wicked way with a song lyric – be it theirs or someone else’s – held the hearts of the world’s teenage girls to ransom.

From West End dancer to Salvation army officer - I've fulfilled my two life ambitions

Bournemouth Echo: Major Ray Begley of the Boscombe Salvation Army with his wife Carelle

11:00am Sunday 21st July 2013

It’s only the very lucky few who can claim they have fulfilled their two life ambitions, but professional ballet dancer turned Salvation Army officer Major Ray Begley can say just that.

Sean Lock: I'll make you laugh like a drunken horse

Bournemouth Echo: Delivering comedy by van: Sean Lock, above and right, keeps more than an hour of material in reserve, while he’s out on tour

10:00am Saturday 20th July 2013

It’s been too long since Sean Lock last visited Poole, but he promises to make audiences “laugh like a drunken horse” when he brings his new show to the Lighthouse.

Think you need to travel far to find wildlife hotspots? just look at roadside verges and lawns...

Bournemouth Echo: Think you need to travel far to find wildlife hotspots? just look at roadside verges and lawns...

10:00am Sunday 14th July 2013

The RSPB’s Luke Phillips keeps his head down as he takes a stroll to look at wildlife on the verges

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