EVERYONE I am sure will have huge sympathy for the 71-year-old lady from Boscombe who, one minute, was minding her own business coming out of her local post office, the next being mown down by an idiot cycling on the pavement.

The victim is currently being treated in hospital for a broken pelvis and other injuries and has been left deeply shocked and distressed by the experience, as no doubt any of us would.

Meanwhile the chivalrous individual who put this lady on the floor and probably into medical treatment for several months, did not even have the decency to hang around to help or apologise.

Bournemouth Borough Council’s road safety manager, John Satchwell, said data did not suggest “a significant trend of this type of accident occurring regularly”.

He may be right, but it’s probably more down to luck than anything else that this doesn’t happen more often judging by the number of reckless cyclists who use pavements or pedestrianised areas. My evidence? Well my own eyes for a start.

Meanwhile, take a good look at the description of the cowardly rider contained in the story on page two. Then keep an eye out for him and help the police bring him for a little chat. Unless, of course, he has the guts to come forward himself.

Like that’s going to happen.