AS our roads become progressively busier and more congested we might all benefit from a little consideration and a little politeness.

In major cities it is normal for traffic on a main road to pause to allow vehicles to exit from side roads – if this didn’t happen it would be impossible to drive anywhere.

The increasing volume of traffic on our roads here in Dorset suggests that we might benefit from adopting this approach.

Apart from the fact that this practice introduces no discernable delay to the driver giving way, it does provide that driver with the benefit of having done someone else a good turn.

If the practice could extend to the other driver acknowledging the kindness it is extraordinary how much “feel good factor” is produced. After all, “thank you” costs nothing. Life is hectic enough – if we can make one element of our collective journey easier and more pleasant at no cost or inconvenience this seems to me to be a win-win outcome.

COLIN PIPE, Bournemouth