DAVE'S images of road users (Echo, Oct 30) highlights our constant need for vigilance and to deploy care and consideration while using the streets.

Living near to the Fleetsbridge Roundabout, I see lots of very dangerous driving. Very common are too high a speed, and lorries and many cars, and motorcycles, crossing both amber and red lights. And annoyingly, pedal cyclists using the roundabout instead of their bespoke paths and tunnels.

It's reasonable to expect honest errors, especially from visitors. But daily, there are many arrogant drivers. The traffic departments don't help, leaving many road signs filthy because cleaning is no longer a valued council task; and then there are the unforgivably incorrectly placed permanent signage; and all those abandoned warning signs - Police, Flood and so on.

There will always be accidents as we are fallible humans, but the law is there to reduce them to a minimum. Flaunting these traffic codes is dangerous to you, your passengers, and other users - like me. Stop it!


Bailey Crescent, Poole