RESERVE Kyle Newman and captain Darcy Ward gave star turns as Pirates trounced Wolverhampton 59-36 at Monmore Green last night.

The Wimborne Road side leapfrogged Lakeside into second in the Elite League thanks to a victory in which and Newman and Ward were major contributors with 13 points apiece.

Guaranteed the win after heat 12, Poole kept their foot on the pedal and therefore wrecked the return of Peter Karlsson to the Wolves line-up, with Lasse Bjerre’s debut also proving a damp squib.

The West Midlanders seemed to freeze in front of the Sky Sports cameras and only recorded two heat advantages all night, both of which were in races where boss Peter Adams used a tactical rider.

Pirates chief Matt Ford said: "In 15 years of owning the club, that was the most wonderful performance I have ever seen by a Pirates side away from home.

"I thank all the riders greatly because the way they performed was awesome."

A ripper of a start from Ward paved the way for an opening 5-1, before a second victory came from Newman in a shared reserves’ heat.

Maciej Janowski then romped to a terrific triumph ahead of Piotr Pawlicki, with Karlsson disappointing in last.

The visitors were handed a free pass to a 5-0 maximum when Joe Jacobs and Bjerre fell in the opening two attempts at heat four, putting Pirates 11 points up after just four heats.

In the next outing, Wolves held an 8-1 advantage out of bend two, but Shamek Pawlicki barged his way into second past Tai Woffinden and the world champion pulled up almost instantly with a chain problem.

That move limited the damage of Piotr Pawlicki’s black-and-white helmet triumph and Ward then spearheaded his second 5-1 in as many rides.

Wolves boss Peter Adams gambled on a tactical with Jacob Thorssell – who had failed to score in his first ride – and the move paid off as the Swede charged up the inside of Newman and Vaclav Milik on bend two.

Despite a change of bike, Karlsson again lacked pace in heat eight and was only able to pip Grajczonek for third, the 3-3 meaning the visitors were able to maintain their nine-point advantage.

The reserves’ encounter was again shared before Woffinden drew on all his powers to split Shamek Pawlicki and Janowski on the finish line of a thrilling heat 10.

Next time out Milik was handed a clear path to first when Piotr Pawlicki ran wide with a lap to go, and Pirates then secured victory when Josh Grajczonek and Newman racked up a 5-1.

With the meeting won, Ward caused jaws to drop around Monmore with a stunning third-to-first ride.

Newman continued his remarkable evening with a heat 14 success, before Ward made it four wins from five in the final outing.


Wolves 36: Tai Woffinden (1-r-2-0-1*) 4+1, Jacob Thorssell (0- 6^-0-1) 7, Peter Karlsson (0-1-1*-0) 2+1, Lasse Bjerre (fx-0-2-1) 3, Piotr Pawlicki (2-6^-2-2-2) 14, Joe Jacobs (2-fx-1*-0) 3+1, Tom Perry (1*-0-2-r) 3+1. Team manager: Peter Adams.

Pirates 59: Darcy Ward (3-3-1-3-3) 13, Josh Grajczonek (2*-3-0-3) 8+1, Shamek Pawlicki (1-2-3-3-0) 9, Vaclav Milik (1*-1*-3-2*) 7+3, Maciej Janowski (3-2*-1-1) 7+1, Kyle Newman (3-2-3-2*-3) 13+1, Brendan Johnson (0-2*0) 2+1. Team manager: Neil Middleditch.

Ht 1: Ward, Grajczonek, Woffinden, Thorssell (1-5).

Ht 2 (re-run): Newman, Jacobs, Perry, Johnson (4-8).

Ht 3: Janowski, Pi Pawlicki, S Pawlicki, Karlsson (6-12)

Ht 4 (re-run x2): Bjerre (fell/dsq), Jacobs (fell/dsq) (6-17)

Ht 5: Pi Pawlicki (tac), S Pawlicki, Milik, Woffinden (retired) (12-20)

Ht 6: Ward, Janowski, Karlsson, Bjerre (13-25)

Ht 7: Thorssell, Newman, Milik, Perry (19-28)

Ht 8: S Pawlicki, Bjerre, Karlsson, Grajczonek (22-31)

Ht 9: Newman, Perry, Jacobs, Johnson (25-34)

Ht 10: S Pawlicki, Woffinden, Janowski, Thorssell (27-38)

Ht 11: Milik, Pi Pawlicki, Ward, Karlsson (29-42)

Ht 12: Grajczonek, Newman, Thorssell, Jacobs (30-47)

Ht 13: Ward, Pi Pawlicki, Janowski, Woffinden (32-51)

Ht 14: Newman, Milik, Bjerre, Perry (retired) (33-56)

Ht 15: Ward, Pi Pawlicki, Woffinden, S Pawlicki (36-59)