BELLE Vue’s Craig Cook has clarified his post-meeting tweet that appeared to accuse Pirates star Shamek Pawlicki of deliberately crashing.

Pawlicki fell during Wednesday’s Elite League fixture at Wimborne Road as he attempted to rip round the outside of the Aces skipper in heat six, with Cook adjudged to have been the cause of the stoppage.

The Polish charger went on to win the re-run while Cook raged in the pits at referee Paul Carrington’s decision.

Cook later tweeted: “Tom Daley has been on the phone, he wants to know if Pawlicki would like to do the next series of Splash?”

However, Cook yesterday revealed his tweet had been intended as light-hearted, although he did insist there had been no contact between the riders on the track.

He told the Daily Echo: “I don’t know if any rider would crash deliberately. That tweet was really just a bit of banter.

“I wasn’t aiming to put Pawlicki through the fence because I’m not that kind of person, I’m a fair rider. I rode him hard and he would have done the same to me.

“He laid the bike down and whether he did that on purpose or just ran out of room and came off on his own, it’s one of them. But I 100 per cent didn’t touch them.

“I was in front of him so I had the right to move him out. It goes both ways, he could have backed off and he chose not to. Unfortunately for me it was the wrong call and he got away with it.”