THE British Speedway Promoters’ Association has released its revamped race format for the 2014 Elite League season.

British youngsters at reserve will face each other in two races during Elite League meetings.

That could mean more clashes between the top riders, depending on how team managers set their teams up.

Elite League clubs will track two British riders at reserve for the first time under a draft system introduced in November.


Heat one: 1&2 v 1&2; heat two: 6&7 v 6&7; heat three: 3&5 v 3&5; heat four: 4&6 v 2&7; heat five: 1&5 v 3&4; heat six: 3&4 v 1&5; heat seven: 2&7 v 4&6; heat eight: 3&4 v 2&3; heat nine: 6&7 v 6&7; heat 10: 1&2 v 3&5; heat 11: 3&5 v 1&4; heat 12: 2&6 v 2&7; heat 13: 1&5 v 1&5; heat 14: 4&7 v 4&6; heat 15: top scorers heat.


Top three riders by meeting average ride at number one, number three or number five.

Fourth and fifth riders by meeting average ride at number two or number four. Fast-track draft riders ride at number six or number seven.

Tactical rides can only be taken by riders in positions one to five and are permitted between heats five and 11 (the tactical zone), excluding heat nine.

Tacticals can be taken on the first occasion when a team is 10 points or more down. A second tactical can be taken when a team is 12 or more points or more down.