HOPEFULLY, this won’t develop into a battle of two sports – and two giants of Dorset business.

Eddie Mitchell has a habit of getting the job done, despite any obstacles thrown in his way.

Matt Ford is a promoter, a successful one, and he wants things to stay that way.

On the other point of the triangle is Stadia UK, the operators of Poole Stadium. The company’s task is to come up with a viable option for a new facility on the site of the stadium – and one that will keep everybody happy. Not easy at all.

Before fans of the speedway club get in a lather about the prospect of Pirates being elbowed out of the way by the town’s football club, though, it should be remembered that these talks are very much in their infancy.

Mitchell may have a reputation for getting things done quickly, but there is still a long way to go and the former Cherries chairman has intimated that speedway remains part of his vision for the stadium.

For sure, it is vital that the speedway (and greyhounds to an extent) does not suffer should Poole Town return to the venue.

Ford has built up a successful brand – Pirates are not known as the Manchester United of speedway for nothing.

The Pirates boss is right to see the potential of a new stadium in a positive way. He has gone some way to convincing Pirates fans by his words on these pages.

But fans’ fears will remain and words will only go so far to alleviate them.