JAY Weaver - father of top prospect Iain Weaver - is threatening legal action against boxing chiefs for continuing to refuse his son's licence bid.

Weaver is yet to make his pro debut after seeing his applications to fight turned down by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC).

The former amateur star exclusively revealed to the Daily Echo in November that he had been denied a licence after a brain scan had showed a cyst.

Weaver senior said the sport's bosses had told him they would reconsider if he could find further medical evidence to support his son's case.

He reported that Weaver junior had since been given the medical all-clear to fight following consultations with two different neurosurgeons.

However, despite the Weavers presenting these findings, the BBBofC has not shifted from its initial stance and has not cleared him to begin his career in the paid ranks.

The 23-year-old Ferndown fighter is ready to take his licence battle to the courts if necessary.

Weaver senior, who claims other boxers have been issued licences in similar circumstances, told the Daily Echo: “I wouldn't want my son to box if there was going to be any danger of him haemorrhaging, getting a bleed or if it was going to be a danger to his health. But the neurosurgeon has told me he is fit to box, so we will go ahead with it.

“We sent in the letters (from the neurosurgeons) through our acting solicitor, thinking that, with two neurosurgeons, a radiographer and doctors' notes saying Iain is fit to box, we should have a good case and they should issue him a licence.

“That was not the case. They sent it back again with the same letter, saying their medical team had looked at it and they were not going to issue a licence.”

Weaver senior confirmed his team had contacted the board to request details of their medical team and proof that it is dangerous for his son to box.

He added: “Now, it is in the hands of a solicitor. We have sent in a letter stating we are going to take the legal route and we are just waiting for the board to get back to us and see what they say.

“If Iain was just an ordinary boxer who wasn't going to make anything of his life and was just going to be a journeyman, I would say 'pack it in my old mate and get yourself a proper job'.

“But Iain has got a talent. He has won Commonwealth gold, European silver and won every championship there is to win in England. He has no headaches and there is no neurological problem with Iain at all.”

BBBofC general secretary Robert Smith, who confirmed he had this week received a letter from Weaver’s solicitor, told the Daily Echo: “All his medical documentation has been considered and the board’s stewards and medical panel do not feel that it would be beneficial to grant him a professional boxing licence.

“It looks like he is asking for all his documents, which he is entitled to do, and we are in the process of putting those together to send to the solicitors. We will just have to take it from there.”