MATT Ford believes the failure to accept a proposed job-sharing rule will lead to more “doom and gloom stories” in British speedway.

The Pirates chief and leading riders Chris Holder and Darcy Ward had all spoken in favour of the idea ahead of the sport’s recent AGM.

But chiefs at the British Speedway Promoters’ Association summit voted against introducing the new rule – which would have enabled two top riders to split commitments for one team place with Elite League clubs.

Ford had claimed the likes of Jason Crump, Antonio Lindback and Leon Madsen were prepared to return to these shores if able to ride in fewer meeting under such circumstances.

And he was disappointed – but not surprised – by the response from rival promoters.

Ford told the Daily Echo: “Unfortunately, as soon as Poole propose something, it is only deemed as being beneficial to our club.

“I know that other clubs have now spoken to some of the club’s assets who have confirmed the fact that they don’t want to do a full season in Britain.

“Clubs are talking about doom and gloom but are not willing to change something that would actually benefit everybody, and yet I can promise you we will be going back to the AGM next year with the same doom and gloom stories.”

Ford claimed he had received letters from other clubs’ fans in support of the job-sharing idea.

He added: “The odd thing is that while promoters deem it not to be a beneficial move, I know many of the fans do believe it.”