Anti-social on the streets

Bournemouth Echo: Homelessness in Bournemouth

11:00am Tuesday 29th July 2014

IT only takes a brief walk around the centre of Bournemouth to tell you that there is a problem on the streets.

Idea could be a good call

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood

11:25am Monday 28th July 2014

LIFE in Dorset and the New Forest offers some experiences so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to be distracted by the ringing of a phone.

Remembering all the Fallen

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:00am Saturday 26th July 2014

TODAY we tell the story of Sergeant Frederick Riggs, killed while leading his men against a German offensive on the morning of October 1, 1918, a little over a month before the end of the Great War. Sgt Riggs of Bournemouth was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

Staying safe on busy roads

Bournemouth Echo:

10:21am Friday 25th July 2014

YESTERDAY was a grim one on our roads.

Clear view to the windfarm

Bournemouth Echo: DIVISIVE: Navitus Bay has split opinions locally

10:59am Thursday 24th July 2014

THE position may not come as any great surprise, but Bournemouth council has now made clear where it stands on the windfarm.

Modernising to stay on top

Bournemouth Echo:

11:01am Wednesday 23rd July 2014

THE skyline of Bournemouth is changing. New buildings have sprung up alongside the Wessex Way.

Secrets, lies and politics

Bournemouth Echo: Former Bournemouth East MP David Atkinson dies

10:00am Tuesday 22nd July 2014

DAVID Atkinson was the MP for Bournemouth East for nearly 30 years.

Weather a boon for us all

Bournemouth Echo: Weekend weather: sun set to carry on shining across Dorset

10:25am Monday 21st July 2014

SO the expected downpour predicted for Dorset on Saturday never happened.

Scheme goes West (Central)

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:00am Saturday 19th July 2014

PLANS to redevelop the former bus station site in Bournemouth into a £50m leisure complex look close to becoming a reality.

Staggering scale of abuse

Bournemouth Echo:

11:30am Friday 18th July 2014

GEORGE Gibbs is every parent’s worst nightmare. As the judge who jailed him for life said, outwardly he was charming, sociable and generous.

It’s deja vu all over again

Bournemouth Echo:

10:42am Thursday 17th July 2014

IT’S summer and the perennial issue of illegal traveller encampments is back, perhaps a little later than usual.

Don’t be a bike theft victim

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

10:27am Tuesday 15th July 2014

STEALING bikes is now big business.

Enjoying their freedoms

Bournemouth Echo:

10:05am Monday 14th July 2014

SEVENTY years ago this past weekend, barbed wire was removed from the local coast. After five years of war, the authorities were confident enough to let people back onto the beaches.

Wound up over wind farm

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:00am Saturday 12th July 2014

THOSE who watched the wind farm debate in the Commons on Wednesday will not be surprised by the reaction of the MP who called it. He described the government’s response by junior minister Ed Vaizey as “risible.” Others might not have been so charitable.

Fuelling up for more debate

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

11:10am Friday 11th July 2014

THERE was a lot of sound and fury but in the end, the disruption wasn’t that much to write home about.

An unacceptably high price

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

10:08am Thursday 10th July 2014

HUNDREDS of motorists, perhaps more, would have found their journey disrupted yesterday after two serious road traffic incidents in Dorset.

Trust key for ‘private police’

Bournemouth Echo:

10:14am Wednesday 9th July 2014

BOSCOMBE’S problems are well documented, but so are the authorities’ attempts to solve them.

Too many failings already

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

10:17am Tuesday 8th July 2014

AS an illustration of how times change, the job of court reporter is a good yardstick. Twenty years ago, cases of child sex abuse were few in the criminal justice system and rarely reported. Today, they appear on court lists every single day. Everyone has been shocked by the extent of Jimmy Savile’s crimes. The latest issue involving Westminster is another test of the trust in our institutions. The inquiry announced yesterday must leave no stone unturned. That lesson has surely been learned. There have too many appalling failures by too many organisations already.

Investment is very welcome

Bournemouth Echo: Long delays as car fire closes A338

9:45am Monday 7th July 2014

NEWS today that both the Port of Poole and Bournemouth Airport, among others, are to benefit from millions of pounds of government cash is welcome.

Welcome, cardboard PCs

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:00am Saturday 5th July 2014

WOULD-BE shoplifters in Bournemouth could find themselves confronted by a life-size cardboard policeman.

The shame of drink drivers

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:48am Friday 4th July 2014

FOR some the message just doesn’t get through. And a number of them are today’s front page.

A bad piece of legislation

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

11:10am Thursday 3rd July 2014

THE crimes of the likes of John Worboys and Terence Collins were shocking. They were both licensed and legitimate (in the legal sense) taxi drivers.

Centre gets more support

Bournemouth Echo:

11:12am Wednesday 2nd July 2014

SUCH a seemingly permanent fixture have the ‘temporary’ struts and supports become at Castlepoint, that it’s doubtful that many shoppers give the state of the car park much of a thought anymore.

Taking pride in Nikki’s life

Bournemouth Echo: Nikki Hastings

10:13am Tuesday 1st July 2014

THE life of Nikki Hastings was too short, but in recent years it must have been full of moments she thought she would not see.

Reducing your food waste

Bournemouth Echo: Eat your way around the globe at Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival

10:41am Monday 30th June 2014

THE Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival – which ended at the weekend – has been a big success.

Particularly nasty specimen

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:00am Saturday 28th June 2014

THERE is something particularly disgusting about individuals who attack and abuse medical staff.

Nick’s on song for love

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

10:39am Friday 27th June 2014

WE have a heart-warming tale in today’s paper, as Nick Farmer, who has cerebral palsy, sings from his soul in a bid to find Miss Right.

Trouble on county’s roads

Bournemouth Echo: Traffic back to Cooper Dean roundabout after earlier crash on Spur Road

10:26am Thursday 26th June 2014

YET again crashes brought two of Dorset’s major roads to a standstill yesterday, causing thousands of frustrated motorists to be held up for hours.

Real change badly needed

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

10:22am Wednesday 25th June 2014

ONCE, reports of someone being stabbed and another wielding an axe in the street would have been shocking.

Chiefs must have a heart

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

10:33am Tuesday 24th June 2014

SOMETIMES, a decision needs to be taken using the heart as well as the head.

This could be good news

Bournemouth Echo: The camera car being deployed by Borough of Poole

10:32am Monday 23rd June 2014

YOU could never accuse communities secretary Eric Pickles of missing an opportunity to make headlines.

'No' to getting tanked up

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

10:13am Friday 20th June 2014

DRINK – or at least those who indulge in too much of it – is an ongoing problem for our society.

A little bit of Wayne’s world

Bournemouth Echo: Chris Hayden

9:58am Thursday 19th June 2014

CHRIS Hayden for one will be rooting for England this evening as they take on Uruguay in World Cup ‘make or break’ time. The fortunes of Chris are to some extent tied up with those of the team, as he is a rather convincing Wayne Rooney lookalike.

Raising a stink about litter

Bournemouth Echo: MOUND OF RUBBISH: Overflowing rubbish around a communal bin store at the junction of Walpole Lane and Walpole Road in Boscombe

10:13am Wednesday 18th June 2014

IF little outbreaks of antisocial behaviour go unchallenged, whole areas can soon start to suffer.

MP Burns picks a fight

Bournemouth Echo: EFFORT: Bournemouth West MP Conor Burns

10:25am Tuesday 17th June 2014

POLITICIANS usually make sure they pick their fights carefully.

Solution to tricky problem

Bournemouth Echo: The car park is closed off

10:10am Monday 16th June 2014

IT has to be said that sometimes the councils are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to traveller camps on public land.

More luck than judgement

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:00am Saturday 14th June 2014

A visitor from Manchester emailed us after returning home and described the standard of driving in this area as “atrocious.”

Cup on wing and a prayer

Bournemouth Echo: World Cup

10:04am Friday 13th June 2014

SO, it’s under way. The World Cup began last night with Brazil versus Croatia.

Setting off the alarm bells

Bournemouth Echo: County Hall in Dorchester

10:00am Thursday 12th June 2014

THE use of outside consultants by councils supposedly led and staffed by large numbers of experts is inevitably controversial. Dorset County Council has spent hundreds of thousands seeking external advice, partly on how to save money. There appears to be quite a sizeable ‘if’ over whether this will be worth the investment. Clearly there no guarantees. And the fact that exceptionally well paid public servants (there are plenty of them) need help deciding what to do, should be setting off the alarm bells.

Vermin on and off streets

Bournemouth Echo: Scott Woods was given 12 years, but is on the run

10:09am Wednesday 11th June 2014

THE sentencing of five men after the smashing of a major drugs gang bringing misery to Dorset is a good result for the police – albeit that two of the men are on the run. They conspired to sell nearly £200,000 worth of cocaine to fund a lifestyle that they couldn’t be bothered to pay for legally by earning an honest living.

Celebrating the work of BU

Bournemouth Echo: SPOTLIGHT: David Willetts, minister for universities and science, centre, walks with Professor John Vinney, vice-chancellor of BU, right, and Conor Burns MP as he visits Bournemouth University to launch BU’s festival of  learning

9:57am Tuesday 10th June 2014

WITH his boss, Michael Gove, embroiled in a row with the Home Secretary, Universities Minister, David Willetts was probably delighted to escape London for Bournemouth.

Signs may prevent attacks

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:55am Monday 9th June 2014

THERE have been a number of attacks by animals on people in the New Forest over the past couple of weeks.

Put an end to the anguish

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:00am Saturday 7th June 2014

IT has been six months since Christopher Colegate was killed.

The shame of drink driving

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

11:03am Thursday 5th June 2014

THE sort of nonsense sometimes heard inside in court is illustrated by the case of Deborah Poulton. She drank vodka from a Lucozade bottle, while driving around her 13-month old daughter.

Message to litterers

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

9:54am Wednesday 4th June 2014

ON occasion, readers have asked us why can’t councils do more to stop littering on our streets.

Modesty of D-Day heroes

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Daily Echo logo

10:06am Monday 2nd June 2014

OUR interview today with Peter Oliver – one of the youngest Normandy veterans at the tender age of 86 – is the first in a series that will run all week.

Tribute to D-Day heroes

Bournemouth Echo: THE LONGEST DAY: Were you or a member of your family involved in the D-Day invasions. If so the Guardian would like to here from you.

9:00am Saturday 31st May 2014

NEXT week the Daily Echo is paying special tribute to D Day heroes. Friday is the 70th anniversary of the operation that marked the beginning of the end of the Second World War. June 6 1944, saw the launch of the biggest invasion fleet ever assembled. No areas played a bigger role in Operation Overlord than Dorset and Hampshire. Every day next week we’ll be telling the stories, in print and on video, of surviving D Day veterans. That local councils have nothing planned for Friday is at worst a major insult, at best an embarrassing mistake. They still have time to rethink their own Operation Oversight.

Decision bound to cause a row

Bournemouth Echo: Cllr Chris Mayne

10:27am Friday 30th May 2014

ON one level you can understand why Bournemouth’s mayor elect Chris Mayne would want to appoint his own grandson as official scout. Most of us would do absolutely anything for our grandchildren. On a more practical level, he might well have anticipated that his decision would cause a bit of a row, put a few noses out of joint and spark comments of favouritism and bypassing the usual procedures. Compromise has been reached and peace has broken out but the new first citizen will surely have learned a thing or two about protocol. We wish him all the best for his year, starting today.

Lowlife preying on elderly

Bournemouth Echo: SENTENCE: Manny Barney

10:44am Thursday 29th May 2014

PREYING on the elderly comes pretty high up on the list when it comes to being the lowest of the low.

Another piece of the jigsaw

Bournemouth Echo: First look: How the Pier Theatre was transformed into £2million indoor adventure area set to attract 50,000 visitors

9:48am Wednesday 28th May 2014

THE latest attraction in Bournemouth has been unveiled. And while some people lament the loss of the Pier Theatre, many times that number will welcome its replacement.

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