A TRAINEE counsellor from Bournemouth is set to see his interpretation of a well-known series of religious scenes in bookstores all over the country.

Michael Guest's work on the Stations of the Cross, which are a collection of scenes depicting Jesus Christ's final hours on the day of his crucifixion, will be available as a published book from March next year.

Publisher A H Stockwell recently notified Michael of the news and suggested an initial print run of 3,000 copies.

In the book, Michael expresses his own perspective of each of the 14 stations and challenges the reader to consider them from a contemporary viewpoint.

The original version of the book took Michael just a single hour to write while he was training in the priesthood at the Diocese of Plymouth.

In 2014, he was diagnosed as having autism traits by Dorset NHS and is keen to use the book to show people autism is not something to fear.

"For each station I use modern language to expand on the theme," Michael said.

"At the time of writing them I didn't know I had autism traits so what the reflections are is in fact a result of my autism traits and how I see the world.

"Through the book I've come to see the autism traits as a gift.

"Having autism traits doesn't make you a freak or a danger, it just means you have got gifts which other people don't have.

"I want use the book to share with people my view of the world."

If Michael does receive any money from book sales, he is hoping to use it to fund a masters course at Bath Spa University.

The cover for the book depicts Jesus Christ as he says his final words on the cross.

The artwork was supplied for free by Michael's friend Jo-Ann Ambridge Silk.

Michael said he has had a long-term devotion to the Stations of the Cross and decided to write down his reflections on each of the stations.

In 2014, after completing an extended parish placement at St Mary Immaculate Church, Falmouth, Michael was told by the Diocese of Plymouth seminary that he was not wanted back.

Michael, who now belongs to Corpus Christi Church in Boscombe, said he is forever grateful to the Dave Wells Partnership, who offered him a flat in Winton when he had nowhere to live.

The book, which will be priced at £3.95, is dedicated to the late Canon Charles Acton who passed away last year.