BOURNEMOUTH Reform Synagogue has been celebrating its 70th anniversary with a special series of events.

The '7 Days for 7 Decades' week concludes today after activities and talks to mark the landmark year for the Jewish community in the area.

A Thanksgiving Service on Shabbat morning with Bournemouth's mayor and mayoress, Cllr Lawrence Williams and Elaine Williams, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner of the Movement for Reform Judaism, starts today's events before a special Kiddush.

Rabbi Maurice Michaels, of Bournemouth Reform Synagogue, was delighted with how the week has unfolded.

"I have to say that I am really impressed with how well everything has gone so far," Rabbi Michaels said.

"The first session for the community's children was such a success. community’s children was such a success.

"Apart from the children enjoying themselves, which, of course, is what it’s all about, they produced some excellent work that immediately went up on the notice board in the Simchah hall and in front of the bimah in the Sanctuary.

"My discussion group on Monday afternoon saw a record attendance as we focussed on what we thought were the things that had happened over the past seventy years that had the greatest influence on our lives.

"The follow-up to last November’s dialogue with the local Muslim community was also a great success, with myself and Hammadi Nait Charif from Bournemouth Islamic Centre discussed two topics.

"We were delighted to be invited to visit the Mosque for the next session later in the year or early in 2018.

"Memory Box was an opportunity for those present to speak about people and things dear to them with the help of photos and other memorabilia. As always in these situations, smiles and tears somehow managed to mingle, but the general feeling was a positive and useful time had been achieved."

When the synagogue opened in 1947, it was only the ninth Reform synagogue in the country, and since then has grown to have a large active community in Bournemouth.

Whilst the week of events to mark the anniversary concludes today, Rabbi Michaels said more events were planned for the remainder of the commemorative year.