REGULAR bus users feel more comfortable on board than those who don’t use the service often, according to a survey.

Photography student Jade Curran made the discovery when she carried out a study into people’s states of mind as part of her studies at the Arts University Bournemouth.

Jade explored the levels of comfort people feel on a daily basis in various situations ranging from a trip to the dentist, a ride in a lift or travelling on a bus.

And as part of her studies she decided to share her research with Bournemouth’s Yellow Buses.

She and fellow student Ellen Taylor climbed on board to take a picture to illustrate her research, which will be exhibited in Bournemouth and London.

Fiona Harwood of Yellow Buses said: “The research is interesting and matches what we experience. We know if we can get people to use a bus they are likely to do so again and become repeat customers.

“We were pleased to help the students and we are huge supporters of the arts. We have our Gallery Bus and Poetry Bus in regular service. Our aim is to make people as comfortable as possible on the buses.”

Jade said: “This is the end of my three-year degree course in photography and I was lucky to have been able to get on an empty bus for the shot I wanted.

“Our photographs will be exhibited at the arts university in June and then in Brick Lane in London on July 6 from 6pm-10pm at the Old Truman brewery.”