A MAN who stabbed his friend 15 times in an unprovoked attack repeatedly told two women in the weeks before the incident that someone was after him, a court heard.

Daniel Lowe, of Steer Road in Swanage, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court for sentence on Wednesday - five days after a judge urged him to give an explanation for his actions on Friday, June 16.

Previously, Lowe, 27, has failed to reveal his motives for seriously injuring friend of four years Andrew McPhail with a nine-inch carving knife at Tyre City on the Nuffield Industrial Estate.

He has been assessed by a psychiatrist, who considered Lowe's use of cannabis.

However, the defendant failed to provide an explanation to the doctor, and no psychiatric recommendation was made to the court.

At a hearing on Friday, October 13, Judge Brian Forster warned Lowe he may be found dangerous, meaning he must be imprisoned under an extended sentence.

The judge then adjourned the sentence until Wednesday, October 18 for the defendant to speak to his solicitors.

When proceedings began again this week, two of Lowe's friends - Kerry Lane and Jess Gibbard - gave evidence about the state of his mental health at the time of the stabbing.

Ms Lane said Lowe had been smoking seven grams of cannabis daily. The cost of the cannabis would have reached around £70 every day, she said.

Asked by the barrister John Dyer what type of cannabis Lowe had been using, the defendant shouted: "Skunk."

"He had been very paranoid since 2014," Ms Lane said.

"He felt everybody had it out for him."

His behaviour had become increasingly "erratic", the witness said.

"He thought somebody was coming for him but he didn't know who," she added.

Ms Gibbard said Lowe had driven her to Poole Police Station in the days before the stabbing, warning her she was in danger.

When she next saw him, he had burns on his face and arm and had shaved his head, she said.

She also alleged Lowe had attempted to burn her door down the day before he attacked Mr McPhail.

The defendant admitted section 18 wounding with intent, having a knife in a public place, possession of cannabis and aggravated vehicle taking involving dangerous driving at a previous hearing.

Judge Forster ordered new psychiatrists' reports, as well as the release of Lowe's medical records from his GP.

"I'm sorry from the point of view of the defendant and others connected to this case that it will not conclude today, but I have an overriding duty to consider what is best, first in the public's interest, and secondly in the defendant's interests," he said.

A date for the next hearing has not yet been set.