Cheryl Hart, owner of Wishes cafe, said: "It doesn't make much difference to us because most of our customers are local people and we are packed at lunch time. When we had a business in Highcliffe we relied on tourists."

Hilary Bunce, a telephonist from Christchurch, said: "It doesn't make a difference because us British people just get on with it. You can't let the rain stop you doing things because you'd never do anything at all."

Retired Christchurch resident Colette Melvin said: "Most years are like this in this country. I don't let it stop me doing things – I just make sure I pack my rain mac and my sun cream then I'm ready for anything."

Business analyst June Swannell from Bournemouth said: “It looked like it was going to be great earlier this year but it ended up being a bit disappointing. I try to get on with life because you can’t stop it.”

Chris Swannell, a computer analyst, said: "I get a bit fed up with it. This year I have been on two trips and it rained for both of them. It feels like the sun's out when you're working and it rains when you're on holiday."

Mike Melvin from Christchurch who's recently retired, said: "I am easy-going about it really. I've just retired and I'm enjoying not going to work. We usually tend to stay at home in the summer."

Daniel Russell, a father of 13-month-old twins, said: "Cloudy weather is perfect for us. If it's too hot it's not good for the boys and we have to spend all day putting cream on them."

Michael Boland from Southbourne said: "The weather was great until the children broke up. It is frustrating because you want to get out and about with the kids and you run out of things to keep them amused."

Chris Kent from Pokesdown said: "I have not been able to go to the beach as much as I would like to. I like swimming in the sea but not if it isn't sunny. I should have made the most of the weather earlier in the year."