A SEX offender targeted two teenagers on a night out in Bournemouth after they were unable to afford a taxi home.

Steven Muranganwa Charewa, who is of no fixed abode, approached his victims - who are aged 18 and 19 - at around 3.30am on Wednesday, June 14.

The women had been attempting to get a taxi after an evening out. However, they only had £10 left and were unable to find a driver willing to accept the fare.

Charewa, 24, told the women, who were standing at the junction of Old Christchurch Road and Dean Park Crescent, he knew someone who could give them a lift.

The victims got into a car with Charewa and another man. During the journey, Charewa sat in the back with the 18-year-old.

He stroked and grabbed her thigh on two occasions. Both times. she told him not to and removed his hands.

When the women arrived home, they got out of the vehicle. Both were unaware that Charewa had also got out. The car was driven away by the other man.

The 19-year-old, who was feeling unwell, stayed outside while her friend fetched her a glass of water.

She then realised Charewa was still at the address. He began kissing her on the chest.

When her friend returned, she saw Charewa with his hands around the victim. She confronted him and called a taxi in an attempt to get rid of him before the two women went inside.

However, around 20 minutes later, the father of the younger victim found the defendant on the roof of their conservatory by an open window.

Police were called and Charewa was arrested.

Prior to meeting the victims, Charewa could be seen on CCTV approaching a number of women in Old Christchurch Road, apparently in a similar manner.

He has now been jailed for two years after admitting sexual assault and trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence at Bournemouth Crown Court.

He will also be on the sex offenders register for a decade.

Detective Constable Christian Bryant, of Dorset Police’s Priority Crime Team, said: “This was a very distressing incident for the young women involved and I hope that the sentence imposed demonstrates that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.

“I would like to praise the victims for having the courage to come forward and help bring Charewa to justice.

“I would also like to remind people enjoying a night out to only use licensed public transport or get a lift from someone you know to get home safely. "Always ensure you have enough money left at the end of the evening to get home."