PARAMEDICS called to reports of an overdose were covered in cooking oil thrown by their casualty, a court has heard.

The victims - Nigel Brittain and Matthew Mosley - were called to the home of Wayne Noble on October 10 after his mother feared he had taken an overdose.

When they arrived at the property in Heights Road, Upton, Noble asked for medication, magistrates were told.

The paramedics said they don't carry medication, but told Noble they would take him to hospital for treatment.

The defendant refused before becoming aggressive and throwing a baking tray filled with old cooking oil at Mr Brittain.

He then batted a frying pan at Mr Mosley, which the victim was able to avoid.

On Friday, Noble, 39, appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court to admit to counts of assault by beating.

Lee Turner, prosecuting, said Mr Brittain was "livid" at the attack.

The victim was "saturated" with oil which covered his face, hair and uniform and got into his eyes and mouth.

Mr Brittain gave a statement to police about the incident, during which he told them: "I found it demeaning.

"I was trying to help this guy."

Noble admitted throwing the frying pan and baking tray, but said he didn't realise there was leftover oil inside.

Selina Goddard, mitigating for the defendant, said he also denied asking for more medication and had lashed out after being followed closely by one of the paramedics into his kitchen.

"He went to get a drink and was pursued by a paramedic," she said.

"He was angry, upset and emotional, and he did ask him more than once to back off.

"For whatever reason, the paramedic did not do so."

Ms Goddard said neither of the victims were injured during the incident. However, she said the attack would have been "deeply unpleasant".

Noble became addicted to drugs while in prison, but is now clean, the court heard.

The defendant is due to be sentenced for the assaults and a string of other offences at Bournemouth Crown Court in December.