THERE was a mix of moods at the Air Festival Dusk Display, kicking off at 8pm on Thursday, which boasted an array of festival favourites.

Leading the way, to a serene soundtrack, were the Twister aerobatic display team, whose aircraft soared through the bruising twilight trailing smoke for several minute before igniting a trail of star-like sparks.

With the whole event scheduled slightly later in the year the display background was noticeably darker than in previous years, thus when Otto the Helicopter took to the skies and unleashed a cascade of fireworks it was a display that dazzled.

Crowds lining the overcliff and promenade enjoying the late night entertainment and mild weather were then given an insight into the training and experience of the Red Devils, the British Army Parachute Regiment's display team.

Borne aloft in a biplane, the team took two slow circles over the bay to reach their drop altitude of 4,000 feet, before the nine serving soldiers from 1, 2 and 3 PARA took the plunge, trailing sparks and stitching sheer twists and turns through the night sky as they spiralled down to the drop zone on the beach.