PARENTS have vented their anger after their son gave up on waiting for a bus and called for a taxi.

Ashley Roy finished his after-school club at the Bourne Academy in Bournemouth and his parents said he was stood at the bus stop in Hadow Road for an hour waiting for a 2B Yellow Bus.

His mum Tina Convery feels it was unsafe to leave an 11-year-old waiting and was frustrated that bus chiefs refused to reimburse the £11 taxi fare for the trip back to their home in Spring Road, Springbourne.

Tina, 40, said Ashley did the right thing.

“But I’m really angry with Yellow Buses,” she said.

“He waited over an hour and no bus turned up so he ended up getting a cab which cost £11.

“You hear about children being abducted and the bus company is not helping.

“It’s happened before with my children being stranded going to school.”

Ashley had been at the after-school youth club before going to the bus stop as usual.

Yellow Buses denied that Ashley was waiting for an hour and said it was 30 minutes.

His stepdad Martin Convery said he was worried about Ashley’s safety.

“That’s what’s vented my anger, that he was left there,” he said.

Jenni Wilkinson, head of marketing at Yellow Buses, said: "We’ve investigated this complaint and can confirm that the 2b service did operate on the afternoon in question but was running approximately 30 minutes late.

“We’ve apologised to Mr and Mrs Convery in person but, unfortunately, there are occasions when circumstances beyond our control can cause delays, most notably traffic congestion and roadworks.

“Our Conditions of Carriage – which can be found on our website at - clearly state that no refunds will be issued for taxi fares."