DESPITE some bizarre explanations, there was No Excuse for 957 drivers caught flouting the law in Dorset during March.

From January 1 until March 31 more than 4,000 offences were detected by safety cameras and No Excuse team officers.

Almost 2,000 tickets were issued including 250 for distraction offences such as using a mobile phone, taking photos and using an IPod while driving.

No Excuse project manager Brian Austin said: “We are continually amazed at the thought process of some of the bad and inconsiderate drivers on Dorset’s roads.

“We still have drivers who show they have no concern for other road users and pedestrians.

“Academic studies have shown that slowed reactions caused by the distraction of using a mobile phone whilst driving are similar to those driving at the drink drive limit.

“Up to a quarter of those killed on Dorset’s roads in the past two years have been as a consequence of drink driving.”

He pledged to continue to use safety camera vans, marked and unmarked cars, bikes and technology such as concept lasers, which can detect offences from more than 400 metres, to “make a difference in Dorset.”


A woman caught using her mobile phone at the wheel in Purbeck insisted she had been eating a prawn cracker and didn’t have her phone with her. But when the officer dialled the number the phone rang in her car. She immediately apologised and offered the officer a prawn cracker. In return, she was given a ticket.

A Poole man caught using his mobile phone while driving, said: “Well I wouldn’t have used my mobile if I knew there were policemen in an unmarked car behind me.”

A driver stopped in Poole travelling at 50mph in a 40mph zone said: “I’m on my way to an eyesight test and didn’t see the speed limit sign.”