PARENTS of pupils at Portchester School say they were shocked to hear the tragic news about Kyle.

Ali Reza-Rezaiy, right, who has a son in year seven, said: “I would have expected to be informed by the school about this, usually if there is anything they text the parents.

“I saw the police this morning but we’ve been told nothing so far and I haven’t heard anything from my son.”

Kirsty Gallagher, left, who has sons in years nine and ten, said she was told yesterday that someone at the school had died.

“I had a text to say the year nine options evening had been cancelled but nothing on the incident even though it was on the news and websites.

“I was expecting the school to be in touch today but they haven’t been.”

Another parent, who didn’t want to be named, said: “A lot of people have said they shouldn’t have opened the school today.”