AN ARTIST who produced an inspiring painting from her experience with depression is to see it sold off for charity at a Bournemouth gallery.

Ses Harley, a volunteer at the town’s Cherry Tree Nursery, produced the painting as a way of thanking the charity for the help it gave her.

The painting – currently on sale at Metropolist Art in Seamoor Road, Westbourne – is based on the theme of “seeing the colour through the darkness”.

Ses had been volunteering at the nursery before a new spell of mental illness kept her at home.

“I had severe depression and I started doing painting,” she said.

“I didn’t feel I could do anything for them while my mood was bad.

“While I was at home I was painting and Cherry Tree helped me so much.”

Cherry Tree, which provides sheltered work rehabilitation for people with severe mental illness, is raising money for a sustainable rebuilding programme costing more than £500,000.

Vicki Angus, director of the gallery, where the painting is on sale for £50, said: “It’s beautiful. It’s a lovely colourful piece. It’s uplifting, which given the work that Cherry Tree Nursery do, is perfect.

“It’s nice for us to have the opportunity to show how art can help people and how therapeutic it is.

“We very much want the gallery to be a community space as well. People treat it like a public gallery, which is great.”

Ses has also produced a series of smaller paintings based on the same theme.