THE man behind Poole’s latest comedy offering hopes the project will cause quite a stir online.

Liquid Lunch, filmed at Penn Hill Avenue’s Bankes Pub, comprises six, two-minute episodes.

Behind the scenes footage

Director Danny Stack, a Poole-based scriptwriter whose credits include EastEnders, Doctors and award-winning children’s shows, shot the entire series in one day.

He explained: “Liquid Lunch started with what seemed like a deceptively basic idea, maybe a fun short film, but with an important underlying theme: Don’t talk about what you’re going to do, get out and do it.”

The shorts, featured on a dedicated website and on YouTube, follow two guys, played by co-writers Dan Doolan and Chris Billingham, and their regular pub meetings to break up the monotony of their working days.

“But when they realise life is passing them by,” explains Danny, “they decide to do something about it.”

It was shot on a zero budget with a crew of seven, made up of Bournemouth filmmaking/screenwriting students and graduates.

The comedy is scripted, but Dan and Chris have improvised in places.

Danny said: “Although it still retains its sense of being a deceptively basic idea, the series has a strong sense of character and story over its episode run.”

The free series launched at the end of last month with episodes one and two, but new episodes have been uploaded every week.

The last episode plays this Friday.

Danny, who writes a blog on the UK scriptwriting scene, established the Red Planet Prize with writer/producer Tony Jordan in 2007 to help new writers.

To catch up on the series so far visit or