A Christchurch woman is hoping she can encourage more local residents to help join in with some litter “chrittering” around the town.

After reading an article on the subject of litter-picking by Daily Echo feature writer Faith Eckersall last week, local lady Bev Miller was inspired to grab a litter-picker herself and get out to clear the town of its trash.

She has set-up a volunteer group called Chritters (Christchurch Litterpickers) aiming to reduce the amount of rubbish across the borough.

On Monday Bev and a friend walked the length of the footpath from the Royalty Fishery to the Knapp Mill site, collecting two sacks full of rubbish.

Continuing with their mission on Tuesday Bev and another volunteer hooked a shopping trolley, tin cans, bottles and crisp packets out of a ditch next to the Civic Offices in Bridge Street.

Bev said: “We, the public, often see litter and ignore it. We think someone else should pick it up, be it the council or other authorities.

“But what if they don’t? Why don’t we do it?

“We want to thank Faith Eckersall for giving us the courage to get started and knowing it’s not just us that feel like this.

“Any one of us residents can do it, even if it’s just a small carrier bag when we’re out for a walk.

“Let’s stop bemoaning the council and its lack of action and do it ourselves.

“Christchurch is advertised as “Where Time is Pleasant.” Let’s make it so.”

If anyone sees an area badly in need of rubbish-ridding they should contact Bev on 01202 474108 or email her at bevbrewhouse@btopenworld.com To see some of the rubbish already collected go to litteraction.org.uk/gallery/chritters