A MAN who suffered a head injury slipping on rocks on the Jurassic Coast had to be rescued.

Coastguards, paramedics, lifeboat crews, the air ambulance and firefighters were all alerted to Kimmeridge Bay yesterday morning.

It was initially thought the man's injuries were very serious and all emergency services were called as it was undecided how rescuers would be able to get him off the beach.

Swanage RNLI, whose crews attended, said the air ambulance was able to land on the beach close to the casualty and paramedics initially treated the man.

It was decided that the easiest and safest way to get the man to hospital would be via land ambulance, so the casualty was transferred across the bay to the slipway by inshore lifeboat before being loaded into a waiting ambulance.

It was one of three incidents for Kimmeridge Coastguard Rescue Team yesterday.

A spokesman for the team said: "It was a busy day for Kimmeridge and St Albans CG teams.

"First was a multi agency tasking to Kimmeridge Bay for a person slipped on rocks with a head injury.

"Initial indications implied a very serious injury so multiple emergency services were called upon if required.

"Thankfully the casualty was treated and stabilised on scene and was able to be transported by Swanage inshore lifeboat to the slipway at Kimmeridge and transported to hospital by ambulance."

Shortly after the team were deployed again to an injured person thought to be at Chapman's Pool, but the location turned out to be Dancing Ledge.

The third call-out was again to Dancing Ledge to a person with a dislocated knee.

The spokesman said: "Thankfully the team were stood down on route after the person's knee popped back in and they were transported to hospital by next of kin for assessment.

"All in all a very busy start to the bank holiday weekend and with two days left and temperatures soaring further, the Coastguard teams are on high alert for further taskings in the coming days.

"As always, we wish all concerned today a speedy recovery."