SIR Peter Rigby is to take over Bournemouth Airport, saying he's looking to increase passenger numbers. Its past failure is it is user-unfriendly

If friends deliver airline customers, it's vital they are set down at departure doors with free short stops.

Currently, passengers have to walk from the car park, possibly in pouring rain , carrying or towing their bags, arriving in the air conditioned departures lounge soaked. I recently delivered two 80-year-olds in these conditions. They used toilets to change into dry clothes before flying. Nice.

French Riviera has a free pickup point close by arrivals /departures with a sign, "Kiss and Go" .

Car stops. Passengers and bags in or out. Car leaves.

If this system was adopted at Bournemouth, more customers would love it. To arrive in the departure lounge not getting soaked in bad weather must be best business practice. Charging customers who cannot get there any other way is simply seen as greed.

New ownership must be the golden opportunity to correct this appalling situation and make air travel just that little bit more pleasant.

JOHN LEWIS, Woodleaze Close, Broadstone