RECENTLY you had an article about inconsiderate drivers parking badly and stopping Fire Engines and Ambulances getting through certain roads.

The residents of Wimborne Road BH10, have petitioned for double yellow lines at the entrance to the road, on double bends. Too many times we are not able to get back to our homes because drivers have parked on either side of the entrance, along the narrowest part of the road. The home owners along Riverside, park outside their homes and then people going to the River Stour just park opposite and block the road.

Many elderly people live in the Park Homes and we are all worried that Fire Engines and Ambulances will be forced to turn back and come in at an illegal entry point off Whitelegg Way.

The Traffic Management department have not replied to our request sent in August.

This year the council encouraged Bournemouth residents to visit the Stour River and this year our road was blocked on many occasions. Can you help our cause?

At first glance you would imagine a service road is not very busy but lately we have become a rat run to avoid the lights at the top of Muscliffe Lane and we have many incidents of people turning right out of the service road to access Whitelegg Way. Our road is a cycle and horse riding way and we have witnessed many near misses by speeding drivers. Drivers also enter from Whitelegg Way illegally and we have asked for this to be made more difficult by road management. No one seems to think we are a problem and state we have to wait for an accident before anything can happen. We do not want the accident.!!!!


Wimborne Road, Bournemouth