THE PROSPECT of AFC Bournemouth facing a Christmas Eve trip to Manchester now look unlikely - but a Premier League game will still take place on December 24.

Supporters' groups met with Premier League representatives on Tuesday and were told no later kick off would be scheduled for Christmas Eve - which falls on a Sunday.

Richard Scudamore promised fans no game would be played at 4pm or later into the evening, but a game is likely to take place in the early afternoon in the day.

AFC Bournemouth are currently due to play Manchester City on December 23 at 3pm.

Cherries Trust chair, Tony Maycock, who was at the meeting with the Premier League on Tuesday, said: "It was stated quite clearly that the pressure from the fan groups had impacted on the decision over the 4pm game.

"The television broadcasters were surprised by the backlash from fans because for them it is a normal working day.

"It is a real positive for fans to be told the issues we raised have had an impact on the scheduling of the games over the Christmas period."

Mr Scudamore confirmed no game would take place on Christmas Eve next year despite Sky having broadcasting rights for Monday Night Football.

The response from the Premier League follows action by supporters' groups from all over the country protesting the prospect of matches taking place on December 24.

Only one Premier League game has ever taken place on Christmas Eve - when Leeds United hosted Manchester United in 1995.

The televised games for December excluding the festive period were due to be released today (12.10), however this is likely to be delayed by up to a week.

The matches selected for television over Christmas and New Year are expected a week after this.