RESIDENTS will get to have their say on the "emotive" subject of proposed car parking charge increases across East Dorset.

The plans would see fees rise in some of the district for the first time in 10 years.

East Dorset District Council say they are bringing in new charges to help meet tighter financial budgets over the coming years.

Members of the council's cabinet discussed the proposals and the importance of getting the public view on the issue.

Cllr Ray Bryan, portfolio holder for business, said: "In 2019/20 we will in fact be in what amounts to a negative grant position where we will actually be giving the government £980,000 of money generated within East Dorset.

"This type of fundamental shift in our funding position does require us to consider difficult decisions like the one before you in order to maintain our current levels of service to the public.

"Unlike many council's we have resisted the temptation to use car parks as a cash cow and have not increased charges for 10 years, however over that time while charges have not increased, costs have.

"Over the 10 year period charges have not increased inflation has increased by 26 percent, but the proposals in this report are to increase the average short stay charge by just 7p - 11 percent.

"This is a very uncomfortable decision but we must ensure that we have a financial strategy that will continue to give services to our residents and this is very much part of that."

Residents will be able to express their views on the changes to short stay parking fees, overnight charges and limitations on the number of parking permits per household in Wimborne.

The retention of the coach parking in the northern part of Allenview Road North car park in Wimborne is also under review.

The current draft proposals see a rise in short stay charges in Ferndown, however Verwood would not see fees introduced.

Cllr Robin Cook said the issue was very important for East Dorset and particularly for Wimborne.

"Car parking in general is always a very emotive subject," Cllr Cook said.

"There is obviously a great strength of feeling, mostly at the moment it seems against the proposal, but I think when we do this consultation we have to do it, not that we do them improperly, we have to do this one very carefully and promote it very carefully so it gets maximum exposure.

The feedback from the consultation is expected to be presented at a scrutiny committee meeting on December 19.