SHEILA Gair (nee Gay) was contacted by an old school friend from St Michael's Primary School on the West Cliff, Bournemouth, who saw the articles on the school's choirs printed on June 28 and July 26.

Sheila's sister Jane Gay, not Jay as previously printed, is sitting in the second row on the right of Mr Mansfield, holding the shield. Hetty, another sister is in the front row, third from the left, next to Rita Stott. Sheila also recognised Linda MacGarry, the girl next to Hetty, as she was the daughter of their pharmacist in Westbourne, as well as Stanley Pretty in the same row, fifth from the right.

She does not know the other children as they were a couple of years younger than Sheila and thinks she had passed the scholarship and was already at Bournemouth School for Girls when the picture was taken.

Her friend, Marian Clark (nee Bellows), who sent her the picture went to BSG with her as well as Margaret Collins (nee Warner) now deceased, as is Sheila's sister Jane.

The St Michael's School photograph brought back a lot of memories of the teachers Mrs Knight, Miss Grey, Mr Jackson and Mr Lawrence. Sheila was not allowed to sit for the scholarship like some of her class mates as you had to be a certain age as of December 31, so she did an extra year at the school. She was used as a monitor and supervised classes for the teachers on several occasions.

Sheila and her husband emigrated to Canada in 1958, where she was a teacher for many years. Her late sister Jane and her family lived in Australia and Hetty now lives in the USA.