THEIR stories have captured the hearts of the county and now they are getting set for their dream to come true.

These brave AFC Bournemouth fans each facing devastating health battles will forget their struggles when they lead their footballing heroes out onto the pitch tomorrow. (FRI)

Jacob Buckett, four, Felix Brown, 11, who is battling leukaemia, Mason White, eight and Ethan Burney, eight, have been selected as mascots for AFC Bournemouth’s match against Brighton with 29-year-old Dan Hall, who is battling an aggressive form of leukaemia, as 12th man thanks to a kind-hearted anonymous group who arranged the experience with the football club.

Their incredible stories of courage in the face of adversity have all been featured in the Daily Echo.

Now their proud mums are urging fans to show their support as their sons step out with the footballers who have helped them get through some of their darkest moments.

But behind their beaming smiles, the special moment will be more testing than most may realise because for some of the boys even just walking will require all their strength.

Little Mason is in constant pain with the rare condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB) which means his skin is as fragile as a butterfly so it blisters and tears both internally and externally under the slightest touch making walking in specially lined boots difficult.

Brave Jacob, who has cerebral palsy and finds it difficult to put his feet flat on the floor and as a result his hip bones had started to come out of the socket, has recently undergone life-changing surgery to help him walk yet is determined to take unaided steps alongside his heroes.

And Ethan who has the rare condition Aarskog Syndrome and is losing his eyesight has undergone further surgery on his feet and legs to set his feet in place which are turned in.

But the boys are having extra physiotherapy appointments or totally resting up their legs to ensure they have the strength for their special moment.

Mason’s mum Kerry, said: “This is his dream come true. Mason’s feet blister so badly but he is planning to rest them for the rest of the week to make sure he’s okay. No matter what he’ll go for it though. They all will. These are some of the bravest boys you could meet and this is a once in a lifetime experience. We really are so grateful.”

Jacob’s mum Amanda said: “I’m amazed at how far he’s come and we are so proud of him. He’s like a different little boy and it’s amazing to see. Taking steps is a battle for him but all he wants to do is play football. It is what keeps him pushing on.”

Felix’s mum Kerry added: “This is a dream come true for the boys and we are so grateful to have the support of such a wonderful football club and fans who have reached out to keep their spirits high.

“It will be very emotional for us. There won’t be a dry eye that's for sure!”