TWO paddleboarders had to be rescued after they were blown offshore at Studland Bay.

Poole lifeboat volunteers were called on Monday afternoon following a call from Solent Coastguard.

The paddleboarders had got into difficulty due to the choppy conditions.

Both of Poole’s lifeboats attended and found two people clinging onto the paddleboards.

The crew checked the paddleboarders over before taking them back to shore at Studland.

The lifeboats returned back to the station and was ready for service by 4.45pm.

Earlier in the day, volunteers were called after a 24ft yacht ran aground at Whitley Lake off Sandbanks Road.

No one was found onboard and there were signs that the vessel had broken its mooring and gone adrift.

A tow line was attached to the stern to tow the vessel from the lifeboat and another line from the top of the mast was connected to the D’ class lifeboat. The vessel was successfully freed and pulled into deeper water. The lifeboat crew secured the vessel onto a mooring in Whitely Lake and informed harbour control.

Speaking on Monday, Poole Lifeboat volunteer Jonathan Clark said: “Conditions out there were quite fresh today and could have deteriorated very quickly.

“These were two very different ‘shouts’ with both lifeboats working together and for the crews it was a job well done”.