A HOTEL is hoping to add five new bedrooms, if plans are approved.

Connaught Hotel seeks to change the flat roof section of Connaught Lodge at West Hill Road, Bournemouth.

If granted, the proposals would see a mansard roof on the rear of the building, matching the roof at the front of the premises.

The new roof layout would allow for five bedrooms to be added to the hotel.

The lodge, which is adjacent to the main Best Western Connaught Hotel, currently has 25 bedrooms as well as two larger suites.

The application has been submitted to Bournemouth Borough Council.

A statement supporting the proposals submitted by Connaught Hotel said: "It is firmly considered that the proposed redevelopment of this flat roof is absolutely appropriate in its design, context and in tree terms.

"This proposal does not introduce any undue adverse impacts on the character or appearance of the locality or amenities of surrounding properties.

"It is firmly considered that the development represents a safe and regulated arrangement for the parking and manoeuvring of vehicles by retaining the existing lawful vehicular access point and parking spaces.

"Overall the proposal will make a positive contribution to the space, with its well thought out layout, design and refurbishment of the existing mansard roof."