As our, the people of Poole, elected representatives on the council, is it not time to reflect on the feelings of the electorate?

This issue of the toilets closure has been going on far too long and needs to be brought to a conclusion.

The hard-headed attitude of Cllr Rampton is beyond belief.

He is giving the impression of "it's my way or no way ".

I would like to remind him that as an elected member of Poole council, he might like to listen to the people who voted for him, rather than tell them what they want.

I therefore feel that perhaps he should be removed from his post as portfolio holder or preferably resign from the council.

People would probably accept his resignation as a move towards getting this thorny problem solved and Poole can go back to a place where visitors want to visit, rather than thinking we don't want to go there because there are no adequate public facilities.


Roberts Road, Poole