THE third annual Kinson Music Festival got underway in style on Saturday - with more acts, stalls and stages than ever before.

The event in Pelhams Park features a number of young local musicians playing in front of large crowds, alongside more seasoned performers offering something for all ages.

Away from the music crowds can visit a variety of stalls offering food and drink, plants and opportunities to help out community groups.

The event is overseen by Martha Searle, neighbourhood development officer for West Howe and Kinson, and Jan Rogers, local band manager and promoter, with Kinson Business Forum taking on a large part of the organising.

"This is such a friendly community and people always give up their time to help out," Ms Searle said.

"The event is mostly organised by Kinson Business Forum and they are all running local business, working really hard making their business work and on top of it they make all this happen, which takes about six months.

"Volunteers are the lifeblood of the community, none of it works without them. They get a lot out of it as well as you can build friendships and a sense of belonging.

"The festival aims to increase the footfall in Kinson. We want to make it a destination. We've got big open spaces, which a lot of neighbourhoods in Bournemouth would love to have at their disposal."

The festival features two stages in the park, surrounded by a number of stalls delivered by local groups.

There is also a large marquee, hosting a silent disco featuring hip hop and grime music.

The festival makes use of the large Kinson Community Centre with a dedicated team of volunteers offering teas, coffees, cakes and a large tombola.

The music acts are organised by Mrs Rogers and she was delighted with the line up.

"We've changed the layout this year and everything is flowing much better," Mrs Rogers said.

"Plans are already being mentioned for next year's event and we hope for it to even bigger than this year.

"I asked all the bands and singers if they wanted to play and they all volunteer their time. We've got a lot of young local people performing, the youngest being 11, and it's a great opportunity and experience for them to enjoy,"

The festival is free to attend and continues on Sunday, with more acts to enjoy from 12pm until 5pm.