THANK goodness for Robert Readman bringing some common sense to the debates on the recent General Election and on Brexit.

He is absolutely right in his assessment of Corbyn’s ultra-socialist philosophy, with promises that would bring the country back to the economic chaos left behind by successive Labour governments.

The irresponsible promises, especially that to abolish tuition fees and recompense existing students, was purely to bribe the 18-24 age group and, it has to be said, he was entirely successful in that.

Of the 1.05million people that registered to vote during the seven weeks of the campaign more than 250,000 did so on the last day, following the university fees announcement (something that was never in Labour’s published manifesto).

No wonder then that a record number of students voted and a number of university cities/towns changed hands. It’s a pity that real economics is not a mandatory subject at universities.

On Brexit, there is, unfortunately, still a large and vocal minority of ‘Remoaners’ (ie those Remain voters that refuse to accept a democratic decision) that will do anything to sabotage a successful exit from the dictatorial bureaucracy of Brussels.

There are regular comments that, because less than 50% of the population voted for Brexit that it is somehow invalid; they ignore the fact that a smaller minority voted to remain and that those that did not bother to vote probably could not care anyway. That’s how democracy works.


Drew Close, Poole

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