I COULD not disagree more with Richard Drax’s comments as reported in the Echo (April 19) that the general election should not be turned into Brexit Referendum 2.

What an extraordinary statement when we would not be having an election but for the Brexit situation. Brexit and no other reason has determined Parliament will not, as it should, run for five years.

There is now a one-off opportunity and surely every reason in the world to look again and scrutinise in depth all the many aspects that have emerged over the past year.

For instance the Brexit players who put out a whole stream of claims that within days of the referendum result turned into dust, not least promises of £350 million a week “saved” which would then go to the NHS.

But then the past year all the enormous complexity and risk emerges. Take any top non-partisan expert, such as the chief executive of the London Stock Exchange, and you begin to see the real picture.

Huge pitfalls involved in the banking and clearance systems with financial institutions already taking leases in other EU countries.

The point being if the UK is not in the Single Market then the UK will lose passporting rights and that would involve the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

All this and much more is surely why the current government has called what is essentially an emergency Brexit election, for the country as a whole to achieve clarity before there is no turning back. Current government will then get the hard Brexit mandate, or other options will emerge.


Jubilee Road, Parkstone, Poole

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