AMERICAN singer songwriter Beth Hart possesses a voice which is laced with so much power and passion that it evokes the spirit of iconic legends Janis Joplin and Etta James.

As Hart and her band arrive in the UK for a whirlwind four show mini tour, including a stop at the Solent Hall in the BIC on November 19.

UK music fans will finally get to see and hear one of rock’s most underrated performers.

Raised in Pasadena, during the 70s, Hart was drawn to the piano and the world of classical music at the age of four.

While her early influences where the likes of Bach and Beethoven, it wasn’t long before her interests turned to Otis Reading and Led Zeppelin. It was the vocal talents of Eta James, that had the most impact on the budding musician, an impact that still remains strong to this day.

Teaming up with blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa in 2011 for her album Don’t Explain, Hart has been able to pay her respects to the musicians and singers that have inspired her thought her career. The album was a collection of cover versions from a wide spectrum of artists, including Ray Charles, Tom Waits and of course Etta James.

Anyone familiar with Beth’s material - her solo albums, her live work, her collaborations with ace guitarists Slash and Joe Bonamassa - know that she doesn’t do things by half. If ever there was a singer who wears her heart on her sleeve, it’s her.

Her latest album, Better Than Home, which is her best yet - and which she brings to Bournemouth later this year as part of a brief UK tour.

Although Hart has a strong track record of studio albums, it is her live performances, where she can really let her talent shine