SLIM Chance are widely known as the band Ronnie Lane formed when he left The Faces.

Ronnie wrote some of the most heartfelt songs of the 60s and 70s, renowned for his part in both the Small Faces and The Faces.

Ronnie passed away in 1997, but left an influential musical legacy.

The line up now features original members Charlie Hart, Steve Simpson and Steve Bingham and arrives at the Tivoli theatre on October 6.

They are now regularly joined by Geraint Watkins on keyboards, Brendan O’Neill on drums and as of late, Ronnie’s old stablemate, Billy Nicholls.

Their set includes a host of classic Ronnie Lane songs including Ooh la la, Debris, The Poacher and How Come as well as original tracks from their new album On the Move, which has received rave reviews in all the top music publications.

Slim Chance are a brilliant live band, whose members are all fine singers, musicians and showmen, playing an amazing array of instruments. The band is especially known for its pioneering use of fiddle, mandolin and accordion.

Ronnie and Steve Marriott are considered one of the great song writing partnerships of the ‘60s, exemplified in tracks like Itchycoo Park or Lazy Sunday.

Since then, the release of the film The Passing Show, the 2004 concert at the Albert Hall with Pete Townshend, Ronnie Wood and Paul Weller, and more recently the re-release of classic Slim Chance material by Island/Universal Records, have led to a resurgence of interest in Ronnie Lane’s music and the band Slim Chance.

In the last five years, the band have played many club and festival dates around the country, and released two albums on their own label, Fishpool Records.