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Bournemouth Air Festival 2016: traffic, parking and schedule information plus all the news you need to know

Last updated:

Bournemouth Echo: Photograph of the Author

Sam Shepherd, Digital Projects Coordinator

    It's the first day of the ninth Bournemouth Air Festival
  • Flying is set to get underway this afternoon after a launch event this morning
  • Current weather forecast looks promising for this afternoon
  • Red Arrows close the day flying session at 3.45pm


Wallisdown 10:29am Thu 18 Aug 16

Its disappointing that because of one pilots idiocy and egotistical ways the planes are now closer to displaying over France than the UK. For a small fast jet that's doesn't even have a wingspan of 20metres 250metres away is a long way out.

Score: 1
Richard Cox 10:42am Thu 18 Aug 16

Echo's Bournemouth Air Festival essential guide : "The Red Arrows will be flying on all four days at this year's Air Festival. More schedule information will be available in the coming months."


Score: 0
Sam Shepherd Replying Richard Cox 10:56am Thu 18 Aug 16

That was a link to last year's article, for which we apologise. Fixed now!

Score: 1
Sam Shepherd Replying Richard Cox 10:57am Thu 18 Aug 16

That was a link to last year's article, for which we apologise. Fixed now!

Score: 0
hooray the Air Shows here. 2:54pm Thu 18 Aug 16

How interesting, the Digital Projects Coordinator posted the same comment twice. !

Score: 0
penhalereturns 3:23pm Thu 18 Aug 16

Less that three hours on the first day, is that really an air festival.

Score: 0
Topiawitch 4:03pm Thu 18 Aug 16

day one of the air show comes to an end, now to suffer a few hours of traffic hell and hopefully bournemouth will be its usual self..dread to think what our beach looks like tho...full of litter no doubt

Score: 0
Tubby man 4:39pm Thu 18 Aug 16

Glad I made it today, the weekend looks a bit iffy weather wise.

Score: 2
Tubby man 4:54pm Thu 18 Aug 16

Sad to hear BBMF has to pack up and go home to avoid the bad weather. Anyone else pulling out over the next couple of days?

Score: 0
Puj Replying Tubby man 8:04pm Thu 18 Aug 16

Gone home to avoid bad weather....?
Nothing confirmed on that, what is your source of information on that comment out of interest ?

Score: 0
UKIP4U 5:37pm Thu 18 Aug 16

I love the optomism of these reports, have they looked at the weather forecast for Friday and Saturday...Storms

Score: 0
MrPitiful 7:01pm Thu 18 Aug 16

Best manouevre of the Air No-Show up to now?

The one made by the travellers when deftly slipping past "security" onto the East Cliff on Tuesday night. Several 4x4's, motorhomes & caravans all into a small space which was apparently being guarded by a professional security organization.

A much better move, more meticulously planned and tightly executed than any of the repetitive bores you will see flying around out at sea or in and out of the rain clouds this weekend!

Score: 1
The Liberal 7:27pm Thu 18 Aug 16

I see the whingers are out and flying in formation (resembling a grumpy face). The air festival is great and it's free, so stop moaning!

Score: 2
ranger_bob 7:58pm Thu 18 Aug 16

We have just had a fantastic family day out at the Air Show. There were no problems with traffic in or out of town. Any new guide lines put in place about the display areas did not detract from our enjoyment. This was all topped off by an epic display by the Red Arrows. Plus it's free! Also there were lots of people out picking up litter and the beach and prom in general looked pretty clean.

Now I appreciate that not everyone likes the air show and that is their right, but please don't constantly moan and put it down. If you don't like it don't go, but let others enjoy it without criticism.

Score: 2

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