POOLE'S celebrated Sea View viewpoint has become "Can't See View" say residents calling for the council to cut back the trees.

After five years without any cutting back the treetops have all but obscured once impressive view across the harbour to the Purbeck hills at the the site at the top of Constitution Hill Road

But Borough of Poole has said residents might have to wait as long as next winter to see work done - and only then if the budget allows, as tree safety work is considered the priority.

Cllr Philip Eades, who has been pursuing the matter, said he couldn't believe it was not done as part of routine maintenance, adding: "Residents of Poole will wonder soon what services they still do receive for their £1,200 a year council tax."

Some have taken to community forum Streetlife to voice concerns. One commenter said: "My husband took an elderly friend staying with us there and was very disappointed with the view. Another said there was: "not much view left for people standing and virtually none for people sitting in their cars." Another suggested the spot should be renamed "Can't See View"

Simon Legg, street scene manager, Borough of Poole, said: “The viewpoint at Sea View is an important facility for Poole residents, especially as it is easy for people to access. However, the funds available for tree work are primarily limited to safety works only, which will naturally take precedence over the management of views.

"It is recognised that works are required to improve this view and we are looking into the feasibility of carrying this out by the end of this winter, or if not practicable next winter should funding be available. We will continue to work on a longer term plan so that we can retain and maintain this beautiful view for everyone to enjoy.”

Due to the steeply sloping site working platforms are not safe and arborists have to climb every tree in this area, increasing the costs. The council is considering a cost and time cutting option of removing the first few rows of trees, but is set to carry out further assessments, as this may still not resolve all the issues long term as the trees further down the slope are also getting taller. The council is considering the best way of consulting with local residents on this issue.