DO you think this crisp looks like a skull?

Poole resident Barry Selby thinks it does. And so impressed is he by the resemblance, he has kept the crisp safe since earlier this year to prove it.

Mr Selby, who lives in Poole, said: "It's spooky. I found it when I was eating a bag of cheese and onion crisps from Tesco earlier this year and kept it.

"I thought it was worth keeping it as I don't think I will ever find one like it again.

"I sometimes give my dog, Max, crisps in a bowl, so it's lucky he didn't have this packet or I wouldn't have found it.

"Once I found a heart-shaped one as well in the 1990s.

"It was a 3D heart; and I kept that for a few years as well.

"This one was a big one though. I just thought 'wow' and wanted to share it."

Mr Selby said the crisp has got a marking like an eye socket, and is shaped exactly like a skull.

"It's about two inches tall and two-and-a-half inches wide and it's in perfect detail", he added.

As well as a heart and skull, other spooky crisp-finds include one shaped like former Walkers crisps ambassador Gary Lineker.

The discovery was made by an office worker in Leicestershire.

And in 2012, Ferndown resident Ruth Davis, thought she saw God's face on a mixing bowl.

After the image appeared on the Daily Echo website, the image went global and was studied as far afield as Australia.