INSPIRED by their daughter’s five year remission following non-Hodgkin lymphoma, owners of Poole-based salon Synergy Hair-dressing, Colina and Steve Currell, have introduced complimentary hair and beauty treatments to clients who have been diagnosed with cancer.

On the first Monday of every month, the Synergy team now opens its doors to provide cancer sufferers with customised haircuts and head shaves, gentle blow-dries, wig washes, hair and scalp masques, Reiki therapy, make-up and nail services, completely free of charge.

Colina and Steve’s daughter, Natasha said: “Whilst going through treatment losing my hair was a devastating part of the journey.

“I was lucky enough to have my mother, who is a fantastic hairdresser, to soften the blow slightly by giving me a beautiful pixie crop.

“This transition helped me to prepare myself rather than having to go bald straight away.

“Losing my hair really made me think of all of the women that don't have the luxury of a live in hairdresser, and how frightening it must be to lose all your hair in one go.

“This is why I spoke with my parents about supporting others through Synergy Hairdressing who might be facing these kinds of challenges.”

Colina Currell, Synergy owner, adds: “This is something that lies very close to mine and Steve’s heart.

“Like too many others we have battled with the effects of cancer in our family, and want to provide a service where women can come and feel nurtured.

“The support network during such a hard time is essential, and I hope this is something Synergy can provide, as well as the complimentary services.”

‘Mondays at Synergy’ launched this month and the service will be offered to clients on the first Monday of every month between 10am and 1pm. For more information call Sandra on 01202 672272.