A DISABLED pensioner who uses a walking frame has blasted Borough of Poole for failing to lower the kerbstone by a Canford Heath alleyway linking her home to local shops.

Andrea Carrington says she has asked council officials to lower the kerb by her Scarf Road home on several occasions, as it is too high for her to get up on her walking frame.

“I’ve fallen over lots of times and even had to go to hospital after falling once,” the 88-year-old told the Daily Echo. “I don’t think the council care that much because, after all, this is Canford Heath, not Canford Cliffs.”

Mrs Carrington says the kerb by the alleyway linking Mitchell Road to the shops behind on Adastral Road is too high for other residents as well, particularly those in wheelchairs and mothers with pushchairs.

She said: “I’ve called the council lots of times but nothing seems to be done about it. I cannot get to the shops without going the long way around, which includes a lot of hills and is very hard for me.”

Meanwhile, Steve Dean – senior traffic engineer at Borough of Poole – said he was aware of the request and it has been added to a list of possible locations to install pedestrian drop crossings.

He explained: “We receive a large number of requests for this type of work and budget is allocated to locations where this would help the largest number of pedestrians.

“The area committee has also allocated funding this year to allow more sites to be dealt with.

“Budget for this financial year has already been allocated to other priority locations across the borough, but this location will remain a candidate for funding.”