LEGAL proceedings to disband two traveller encampments in Poole have been initiated by borough officials, it has been confirmed.

Borough of Poole started the process and officers are likely to go to the courts later this week to seek an eviction order for the encampments at Creekmoor’s park and ride site and at Sterte Esplanade, Poole.

Once served, an eviction order normally gives travellers just 24-hours to vacate the area.

According to the council there are 17 caravans at the Creekmoor site and four at Sterte.

Residents and ward councillors, who have been pushing for the council to start legal proceedings, had been worried the Creekmoor encampment may have been allowed to remained until the end of the month, coinciding with the start of the Dorset Steam Fair.

However, Peter Haikin – regulatory services manager at Borough of Poole – said: “We have today initiated the legal process necessary for eviction of the travellers from sites at Creekmoor and Sterte Esplanade.

“We will now be following the legal steps required and expect to be able to serve notice later this week.”

Both sites have been provided with skips and toilets, to prevent environmental damage and reduce subsequent clean-up costs.

Creekmoor ward councillor John Rampton told the Daily Echo that he and his fellow Creekmoor ward councillors, Judy Butt and Les Burden, had been “absolutely adamant” that eviction proceedings should take place.

Cllr Rampton explained: “It is very important for the eviction process to proceed because without doing so it sends a message out that the park and ride would be acceptable to use as a travellers site.”

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