A little girl from Hamworthy is hoping to sit more comfortably at home with the help of a special £1,400 chair.

Alicia Collins, nine, who has epilepsy and cerebral palsy that affects all four limbs, spends most of her day in her wheelchair, meaning many friends and family member’s homes are off-limits as they cannot accommodate the metal frames.

She also misses out on close contact during family time with mum, Cindy, dad, Craig, and little brother, Coby, seven, as she cannot sit next to them. But the seat would change that.

Mum Cindy, said: “She had major hip surgery in March, which involved having her legs broken, extended and pinned, meaning that she has to be supported and manoeuvred about in her wheelchair.

“However, with the P-Pod seat, she can be hoisted up in the morning and placed in it, which can be put on wheels, making it easier for me to move her into the garden or around the house. It also has a head rest and footplate, to offer her further support.”

Cindy says that in terms of Alicia’s condition, they sadly do not know how long she will live, so they want to ensure that she has everything she needs and is comfortable.

“Other children can get very frightened of seeing her wheelchair, but with the P-Pod, the children will come up to her and hold her hand or chat to her, as she would be at a similar height to them.

“It’s all about making her feel included and as able to do the things that other people are doing as best as she can.”

For more information or to donate towards Alicia’s chair, contact the Newlife Community Fundraising Team, on 0800 988 4640 or go to Newlifecharity.co.uk