A BANKRUPT former councillor caught driving a Porsche without insurance after his release from prison has appealed to have the conviction overturned.

Anthony Ramsden-Geary, who was jailed for 10 months last September for obtaining credit as an undisclosed bankrupt and five breaches of the Insolvency Act, was found guilty of driving without insurance earlier this year.

But yesterday he stood before judges in a court in Bournemouth to argue that the conviction should not be upheld. Representing himself, Ramsden-Geary, of Manor Road in Bournemouth, said he had been told by the insurance company and police that he was covered to drive a friend’s car.

He said: “I was released from prison on tag on December 15 after serving 10 weeks.

“This was a company I had worked for prior to going in.

“They were trying to help me out and give me a contract for a few hours per day so I didn’t have to go on Job Seekers’ Allowance.”

He said he had been travelling from the gym to his home when he was stopped by police.

“I work from home and I was going back there,” he said, adding that police officers spoke to the insurers to confirm he was covered by the policy.

He said he thought it was ‘the end of the matter’, but later received a letter to say he would be prosecuted.

Barrister Anita Gibson-Lee said the Crown Prosecution Service’s case was that Ramsden-Geary wasn’t covered by the insurance, and she hadn’t seen a copy of a contract proving he worked for the company.

She added that the policy specified the car couldn’t be used for “social, domestic or pleasure” reasons, but solely for work.

Judge Peter Johnson adjourned the appeal to Dorchester Crown Court on a date to be decided later.


Ramsden-Geary will appear in Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court in October to face two motoring charges.

In June, he pleaded guilty with special reasons to driving without insurance.

He is also charged with failing to produce a driving licence but didn’t enter a plea.

Magistrates will hear his evidence as to why there are special reasons why he was driving a Range Rover on January 31 this year without insurance.