THE Red Arrows have flown into Bournemouth Airport this afternoon ahead of their display at Cowes Week tonight.

It is understood that Red Two suffered a bird strike upon landing and repairs are being made to the aircraft.

The team took part in a flypast in Lincolnshire earlier today along with the Canadian Lancaster, which will also be appearing at this year's Bournemouth Air Festival

Red 3, Joe Hourston said they were delighted with the crowd.

"Bournemouth is one of the best places we come to. We can't wait for air show. 

"There is such a good reception here. It's my first year so the welcome is lovely.

"We've got our fingers crossed the weather will be good for the air show at the end of August."

The world-famous aerobatic display team were due to land at the airport at around 2pm but the pilot of Red8 tweeted they were running 50 minutes behind schedule.

That didn't deter the dozens of people waiting for them at the airport.

And the pilots took time to sign maps and other memorabilia, with Red 8, Flight Lieutenant Martin Pert, even taking a cheeky selfie for the Daily Echo.

Simon Downey, who was waiting to catch sight of the Reds with son Oliver, 10, friend Simon Blissett and his son, Spencer, 9, said they always made the effort to turn out for the team.

"They're just great. They've always got time for people and happy to sign things", he said.

Spencer said he had been to see the Reds "about 30 times".

They will then fly to the Isle of Wight to start their display at 7.30pm.

The Red Arrows have been frequent visitors to Dorset in the last couple of months, using the airport as their base on several occasions.

In just three weeks, they will be thrilling tens of thousands of people when they perform on all four days of the Bournemouth Air Festival.