CHRISTCHURCH council could be investigated by the Local Government Ombuds-man over an “intrusive” warehouse.

A complaint submitted to the Ombudsman by the Grange Residents Asso-ciation, is in the “early stages of investigation”, a spokesperson for the LGO’s office said.

The council says it has not yet been notified.

Frustrated residents in Grange Road claim Christ-church council should have refused permission for the 46ft metal clad structure, which they say has impacted on their health.

Despite raising strong concerns about the loss of light and proximity to the homes as well as the height of a proposed bund to screen the imposing building, nothing has been done.

And ongoing issues with bright security lights and noise from air conditioning and extractor fans continues, they say.

Now, after submitting a complaint earlier this year, residents have been told the case has been assigned to an investigator and will be looked at next month.

Linda Clarke and fellow Grange Road residents said they were “delighted” with the progress.

“We’re glad someone is listening to us. At least we know someone has recognised something in the report which may warrant looking into. The council have got to realise they are accountable.”

The residents’ main complaints focus on the applicant’s report and officer’s report, the distance of the building from residential properties, light deprivation and overlooking.

They have also raised concerns over the meeting itself.

Ward councillor David Jones said: “I am absolutely delighted that this is being investigated by the Ombudsman.

“While I am very concerned that a department of which I was once chairman and which had until 2011 had a record of exemplary customer service is facing an Ombudsman investigation, I am very pleased that the residents will now have the satisfaction of their concerns investigated by an impartial body.”